Welcome to my website! 

Wow, what a crazy, wonderful year 2013 was! A ton of stories published, a couple of fantastic awards, a lot of travel, and the debut of Seven Kinds of Hell, my first Fangborn novel.

I'm convinced 2014 will be even more exciting! Pack of Strays (47North), the follow-up to Seven Kinds of Hell, is now available! Zoe's adventures continue as she is compelled to search for mysterious artifacts--and keep the powerful Order of Nicomedia from revealing the existence of the Fangborn.

There are a couple of Fangborn short stories on the horizon. I also have a few very cool things I can't talk about yet. I will be travelling to a bunch of conventions and I hope to see you there.

We've also added a merchandise section devoted to Fangborn fun to the website--check it out!

All the best,