Welcome to my website! 

Wow, what a crazy, wonderful year 2013 was! A ton of stories published, a couple of fantastic awards, a lot of travel, and the debut of Seven Kinds of Hell, my first Fangborn novel.

I'm convinced 2014 will be even more exciting! Pack of Strays, the second Fangborn novel and follow-up to Seven Kinds of Hell, will be published by 47 North in Spring 2014. Zoe's adventures continue as she is compelled to search for mysterious artifacts--and keep the powerful Order of Nicomedia from revealing the existence of the Fangborn.

There are a couple of Fangborn short stories on the horizon. I also have a few very cool things I can't talk about yet. I will be travelling to a bunch of conventions and I hope to see you there.

We've also added a merchandise section devoted to Fangborn fun to the website--check it out!

All the best,