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Where has July gone?

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Where has July gone?

Okay, you got me.  I haven't the faintest.  I've tearing one completed novel apart and writing another.  Trouble is, that kind of editing takes all of my concentration, a total immersion in the work.  And...the second half of a book, for me, is when the writing carries me off, going faster and faster.  So where does that leave your humble narrator, caught between all-demanding and all-consuming?  Locked in an air-conditioned office.

Bad craziness. 

On the other hand, what I've been learning from both projects is wicked helpful.  Maybe even...dare I say it?  Good.  I've been keeping trterry.jpgack of these lessons, as well.  Fingers crossed, it will be good enough to continue yielding the results I hope I'm getting.

Oh, I was let out of the cave on a couple of occasions.  One was for the simulcast premiere of "Rizzoli & Isles," at the Camden (ME) Opera House.  Tess Gerritsen--on whose books the series is based--was there to describe the project.  The whole thing was immeasurably cool. 

Another time, I escaped to Exeter, NH and the Water Street Bookstore, where Toni Kelner and Brendan DuBois, and I were discussing our stories in Crimes by Moonlight (the MWA anthology edited by Charlaine Harris).  Neat town, great crowd, super book store.  We'll be reprising the discussion at RiverRun Books in Portsmouth in August, if you weren't able to catch us before.

And the kittens are now cat-sized, but with kitten-sized brains.  Nothing like tumultous teenage tabbies trying on their attitudes.  Kaylee and Zoe used to be small enough to both fit in the tower, now...  Now we have to be careful when they try to hip-check us.  Seriously.  catstoobig.jpg

Back to the word mines.
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