HELLBENDER blog tour

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My third Fangborn book, Hellbender, drops tomorrow, March 31.  I'm very excited about this work and so far, the reviews have been terrific! Here are a few places I'll be discussing what went into the book.  You can order it/preorder it here.

 talk about some of the images and influences I use in creating a past for the Fangborn in "Folklore and the Fangborn."

Wednesday, April 1:  Simon Wood's Web Hideout
I'll be guest blogging with Simon wood about how I drew from real life to create Hellbender.

Thursday, April 2:  The Qwillery
I'll be blogging at the Qwillery on World building.

Wednesday, April 8: Jungle Red Writers
I'll be discussing cliffhangers with the Jungle Reds.

Thursday, April 16, Reddit r/Fantasy List  
I'll be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything!) about Hellbender, the Fangborn, archaeology, and, well, anything!  Details to follow.

Added events for October and November

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I've updated my "Appearances" page to include a couple of cool new events!  In addition to Bouchercon in Long Beach and World Fantasy in Washington, DC, I'll be hitting New York Comic-Con next week, and Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee November 1st!  I look forward to seeing you there!

As always, you can see immediate updates via Facebook and Twitter.

New York Comic-Con (SOLD OUT!)
October 9-10, 2014
Javits Center, NYC
Signing free copies of Seven Kinds of Hell
at the Amazon Publishing Booth (#860)
Friday, October 10, 2:00pm

Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee
November 1, 2014
Potawatomi Hotel & Casino
Milwaukee, WI

World Fantasy Convention
Nov. 6-9, 2014
Hyatt Regency Crystal City
Arlington, VA
Registration required

Bouchercon World Mystery Convention
November 13-16, 2014
Hyatt Regency
Long Beach, CA
Registration required

I'll be doing an AMA on Reddit tonight, 7:00pm CST

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I'll be chatting with the Reddit Fantasy community at www.reddit.com/r/fantasy.  Here's the link:  http://redd.it/23a63r

If you're signed up for Reddit, you can "Ask Me Anything," from 7-8:30 pm CST and I'll answer!  Writing, archaeology, Cheetos, books, oh, hey, PACK OF STRAYS DROPPED TUESDAY!  Yay!

So maybe I'll see you there.

Now it can be told: DEAD BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!

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Well, I've been keeping this secret for a very long time, and am so glad to finally be able to share the news.  Charlaine Harris has put together an audio-original anthology featuring original stories set in the world she created for Sookie Stackhouse.  I'm one of fifteen authors contributing to this collection edited by Charlaine and Toni L.P. Kelner.  Charlaine will write the introduction and read the author bios.  The Audible audio is available for pre-order now, on sale May 13.  A hardcover edition will be available November 25.

And the cover--did I mention the cover?  By Lisa Desimini, and it's gorgeous!


Here's the lineup of stories, writers, and characters.  I think you'll see why, in addition to the chance to write in the Sookieverse, I'm so psyched to be included:

"Nobody's Business" by Rachel Caine (featuring Kevin Pryor & Kenya Jones)
"Tyger, Tyger" by Christopher Golden (featuring Quinn)
"The Real Santa Claus" by Leigh Perry (featuring Diantha)
"Taproot" by Jeffrey J. Mariotte (featuring Andy Bellefleur)
"Knit a Sweater Out of Sky" by Seanan McGuire (featuring Amelia)
"Love Story" by Jeanne C. Stein (featuring Adele Hale Stackhouse)
"The Million-Dollar Hunt" by Jonathan Maberry (featuring Mustapha Khan)
"Borderline Dead" by Nicole Peeler (featuring Desiree Dumas)
"Extreme Makeover Vamp Edition" by Leigh Evans (featuring Bev & Todd)
"Don't Be Cruel" by Bill Crider (featuring Bubba)
"What a Dream I Had" by Nancy Holder (featuring Alcide Herveaux)
"Another Dead Fairy" by Miranda James (featuring Claude & Claudia Crane)
"The Bat-Signal" by Suzanne McLeod (featuring Luna)
"The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars" by Dana Cameron (featuring Pam Ravenscroft)
"Widower's Walk" by MaryJanice Davidson (featuring Eric Northman)

That's a whole lot of talent, and a whole bunch of folks whose work I really admire!  The announcement even made the WSJ online and you can see the article here.

You'll by now have seen that I chose Pam Ravenscroft.  Yeah, I went there.  I've always adored Pam as a character and really wanted to delve into her past.  I'm very excited about the story, and even when I got nervous about actually tackling it, I remembered a couple of things Charlaine had made very clear about the character:  Pam loves being a vampire and Pam makes the most of her opportunities.  That inspired me and that's all I'll say about it for now, but maybe I'll have a teaser to show you soon...so watch this space!

BSI Weekend blog

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In case you missed it, you can read my post about the Annual Baker Street Irregulars Weekend at the Femmes Fatales blog.  There are some great pictures of the friends I met (and made) there, and it was a wonderful event!

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Boskone weekend

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This weekend is Boskone and I'll be busy.  This is my schedule; hope to see you there!

The Fine Art of Murder, Fri 17:00 - Fri 17:50 with charlaine Harris, Vincent O'Neil (M), Leigh Perry

Sherlock Holmes on TV, Fri 19:00  with Ginjer Buchanan, Nancy Holder, Tony Lewis, Jennifer Pelland

Exploring the Whedonverse, Fri 21:00  with Gillian Daniels, Nancy Holder, Stephen P. Kelner (M), Erin Underwood

Kaffeeklatsche Sat 11:00

Autographing Sat 12:00

Capes, Canes, and Superhero Comics, Sat 15:00  with Carrie Cuinn, Daniel P. Dern (M), Brianna Spacekat Wu

Reading Sat 16:30

Fantastic New England Literature, Sat 20:00 with Theodora Goss, James Patrick Kelly, Leigh Perry, Faye Ringel (M)

My Favorite (or Worst) Story and Why I Wrote It, Sun 10:00 with Charlaine Harris, Leigh Perry (M), Paul G. Tremblay

50+ Years of Doctor Who: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Sun 11:00 with John Chu, LJ Cohen, Tony Lewis, Jim Mann (M)
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Recent Site Updates

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Hello everyone, this is Diego (Dana's web guy),

I just wanted to post a brief word about the recent updates around the site.
We now have a Merchandise page where we'll be selling various book related merchandise via Zazzle.
The new books and short stories are now updated on the Books, Press Kit, and Printable List of Books and Stories pages.
There are also updates to the Home,  About, Links, and Contact page.
Have a look around and enjoy.


Winter Newsletter 2013

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Happy Holidays!

This has been such an action-packed year! I've been on the move since Seven Kinds of Hell came out in March, traveling all over the country to science fiction and fantasy conventions (including a couple of Comic-Con events), mystery conventions, and two Sherlock Holmes weekends. I've been blog-touring like mad, too, and it's been terrific to get to know readers all over the world this way. Somehow we managed to cram some recreational travel in and realized a dream of visiting Japan. After 30 years, no one was more surprised than me when some of my Japanese language came back!

Seven Kinds of Hell, the first of my Fangborn novels, debuted and has been getting terrific reviews:

"Cameron weaves fantasy into an exciting adventure thriller seamlessly. Seven Kinds of Hell is an outstanding introduction to the Fangborn."

-Crimespree Magazine

"Cameron's bright prose is a refreshing treat in the first in her Fangborn series. Readers will enjoy the thrills and spills of archeologist heroine Zoe Miller as she discovers the surprising delights of werewolfism and the meaning of artifacts dating back to Pandora's Box."

-RT Book Reviews

"...a fresh series debut that should appeal to urban fantasy fans looking for something a bit different from the generic werewolf tale. "

-Library Journal

I'm delighted to report that my Emma Fielding short story, "Mischief in Mesopotamia" (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine) won both an Agatha Award and an Anthony Award!

I published three stories: "Finals" (Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine) and "The Serpent's Tale" (Kindle Short) were Fangborn stories, and "Dialing In" (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine) is the second of my "A/K/A Jayne" thrillers.

Next year brings...lots more werewolves and vampires! The second Fangborn novel, Pack of Strays, will be out in early spring. It follows Zoe's adventures picking up right after Seven Kinds of Hell, and I'm very excited about it! There'll be a new "historical" Fangborn short story in the fall. I'm looking forward to the publication of "The God's Games," in Games Creatures Play, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner. I'm also working on two super-cool projects that I can't discuss yet, but trust me when I tell you how thrilled I am to be part of them!

With thanks for a wonderful 2013 and wishing you all the very best in 2014,


Hasty catch-up, chock full of good news!

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Hey there!  It's been a while (we're not saying how long).  Be assured:  When I wasn't out promoting the first in my new Fangborn series, Seven Kinds of Hell, or the first Fangborn short story for the Kindle, "The Serpent's Tale," I was busy writing more Fangborn-y goodness.  No time to blog, there were DEADLINES, and a lot of them! (You can find the latest info on Facebook or Twitter.)

To sum up:

1.  I was delighted to win an Agatha Award AND an Anthony Award for my Emma Fielding story, "Mischief in Mesopotamia!"

2.  Seven Kinds of Hell came out in March; "The Serpent's Tale" came out in September.  A Fangborn story (featuring a young Gerry and Claudia Steuben), "Finals," appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (Jan.- Feb. 2013).  A new "a/k/a Jayne" story, "Dialling In," was published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (Sept.-Oct. 2013).  Whew!

3.  A new Fangborn short story, "The God's Games," will be published in Games Creatures Play, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner.  It will be out April 1, 2014--no fooling!  The second Fangborn novel, A Pack of Strays, will be published in March.  And who knows what other surprises may show up... :)

4.  I covered a LOT of ground this year, including a flock of SF/F cons.  The great thing about these events is that I get to see amazing authors and friends!  My last event of the year will NOT be, alas, World Fantasy in Brighton, UK.  I simply couldn't manage another long trip this year.  However, I will be at Murder and Mayhem in Muskego, and if you have the chance to go, I can't recommend it highly enough.  It's a wicked hoot!

I'll check in by the end of the year--pinkie promise--but for now:  GO, SOX!

Milwaukee, Mystery One, and Crimespree

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I had a great time last weekend promoting Seven Kinds of Hell at Mystery One Bookstore.  There also was some excellent visiting with Jon and Ruth Jordan of Crimespree Magazine: good food, good talk (books, comics, music, movies, and general geekitude).  Thanks to everyone who showed up for the signing:  I hope they had as much fun as I did!

And now some pics:

IMG_8361.JPGMystery One's window.  Note the 50th Anniversary Issue of Crimespree.  I got my copy signed!

mystery one.JPGGreat folks stopped by the signing! 

signing at Mystery One.JPGMugging in Milwaukee!

IMAG0755.jpgThe boring bar is not a toy.  The boring bar is not a toy.  The boring bar is not a toy.  The boring bar..

tattoos w crimespree.jpg
The Jordans are badass.  I wish I could tell what happened next...
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