Fall events and "Burning the Rule Book!"

It's been a while, but never fear, I've been BUSY!  In addition to the new look for the website, I've been writing like mad, including my first SF story (more details to follow), work on another Anna Hoyt colonial noir short story (and the novel ), and a couple more short stories (including another Sherlockian pastiche) I can't wait for you to read!  In addition, my first horror short story, "Whiskey and Light," appears in Seize the Night, edited by Christopher Golden, which will drop October 6.  

There's a new Fangborn short story, "Burning the Rule Book," which features Zoe's parents...before Zoe!  It answers a number of questions raised in Hellbender, so trust me when I say, it's required reading!

I've added several new events to my calendar for October and November, so don't forget to check out the "Appearances" page!

Happy Labor Day, all!