Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween post script and WWBD?

On my Facebook page, I asked for replies I should've given to the Halloweenie, all of eight years of age, who looked at my candy offering and said, "Don't you have anything else?"

Many useful replies were suggested. I wanted to share a few more remarks made or overheard on Halloween:

1. "Your doorbell is too loud."
2. "I hate 'Take 5s.'"
3. "That place totally smells like chicken soup."
4. "Let's go back to that other house."

This was when the urchins were actually speaking. Fewer than last year said anything at all (and yes, I was counting), never mind "Trick or treat," "Happy Halloween," or "Thank you." A few were polite, mostly coached by their parents. And I recognized at least two big groups that weren't even from my town, much less my neighborhood. I spose this isn't really unfair, but it strikes me as uncool. Hint: if you're going to expand your range, don't talk about "hitting" another neighborhood before you get in the car to go home while I'm still at the doorway. And don't wear the other town's logo on your sweatshirt.

Is anyone else thinking this is getting to be less fun?

And a follow-up to my inspiration-of-the-moment costume, described in my last post. I woke up the next morning with the tattoo of the vampire bite still on my neck. I checked the directions, which said to use baby oil. Baby oil? Who has baby oil? I tried my usual makeup remover, which did nothing. Then I tried my high-test moisturizer, which only made the fake bite look even more real, but scabbier and more infected. After five minutes of scrubbing, I started to panic. I have an event to promote Boston Noir at Back Pages in Waltham on Thursday. There's no room in noir for vampire bites (or is there?). If this doesn't come off, what will I do?

What would Buffy do? What would Sookie do? What would Mina Harker do?

Before I went rummaging for an appropriately jaunty scarf, I tried one more thing, which worked. A word to the wise: before you mess with removing fake tatoos, make sure you have olive oil on hand.


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